Choosing a wine distributor: here is your checklist

For those in wine business, you know how important it is to have a consistent supplier. You do not need someone who disappears when your customers are all thirsty waiting for a glass refill. To save you the blushes of having to choose a bad wine distributor, here is the checklist you must follow:

Do they have a global network?

You need a distributor who has wide reach. They should be able to reach your local wine shop. You will be assured of replenished supply every other time you need it. Your business will not be
disrupted by a fall of supply in one region since the distributor has tapped into many sources for the vines.

It is even better if your distributor has a local shop in your area. You will never be out of stock since you can go over there and have your refill.

Is the wine made to great quality?

2Wine is only as good as its quality. You need a wine supplier that will live up to the expected quality. Yu should not take anything for granted because your customers know the taste of a great wine bottle. If you have to, taste the wine to make sure it is the quality you know to be the best. A good distributor worth their name will not risk their reputation by giving you bad wine quality.

Will you get customer support when you need it?

It will come a time when you need feedback from the distributor. Will you get it instantly? Someone who takes time to listen to you and give you immediate feedback should be in your list of wine suppliers. You never know when the need arises and you will need the distributor’s help. Choose a distributor who guarantees you that instant attention when you need it.

Do they have a website?

Wineries and wine distributors are no longer backbenchers in the tide of changing technologies. They now keep abreast with every turn of new trends. Having a website is a big plus for them and your business. You can easily place an order and have your wine delivered to your shop. It makes things easy for your business since you do not have to physically travel to get your wine supplies. You should be able to get all you need from the website and keep your business going.

Could you be a local representative for the distributor?

3Even better is when you can get a chance to be a local representative for the distributor. This will give you a new chance to take your business to the next level. You will be assured of better prices and preferential treatment since you are not just a buyer but also the face of the distributor in the new market.

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