Reasons To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With Tacos

There are many places in Mexico that still celebrate Cinco de Mayo in authentic Mexican fashion. For most Mexicans, the day marks an important transition they made in their history. This period marked the Mexican army’s victory over the French. This was in 1862 at the battle of Puebla. For this Cinco de Mayo, let us share some of the authentic Mexican food in Carrollton. We shall do a brief overview of the taco.

How to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with tacos

The popular tacos

fdgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgThe taco has been the stale household food in Mexico for thousands of years. Today it seems to have conquered the globe and taken a stronghold on several cuisines. The diversity of the ingredients present in a taco might vary in the state wherein the recipe emanated. The exact origin of the taco is unknown.

What is a taco?

There are different types of authentic Mexican tacos. You can make a trip to Mexico for a taste of the authentic taco or make one at home. The foundation of authentic Mexican tacos are two corn tortillas. The tortillas are quite small, so they are just a part of the main dinner. One side of the tortillas are grilled on heat to harden them a bit. The most common meats present within the taco are pork, grilled steak, roasted goat or grilled chicken. If you are lucky, you might come across fish tacos close to the docks.

How did tacos spread across the continent?

Many people assume that tacos have been with us ever since. Mexicans have been wrapping their meat around tortillas ever since the times of the ancient Aztecs. On estimate, a century might have passed since it drastically spread from Mexico Northwards. This was right after the historic Mexican revolution.

At that time there was a massive migration of refugees from the northern part of Mexico into the United States. As they settled into the new society, they wanted to eat the foods they enjoyed at their homeland. Before you know it, tacos started being sold in the mushrooming Mexican restaurants. The wave began in Southern California where the renowned taquitos (rolled tacos) emerged.

How to prepare the taco

chgfhgfhfghfghgfStuffed within the tacos are seasoned meats topped with a squeeze of cilantro leaves or fresh lime. For those who would like to spice things up, you can add salsas, onions and chopped tomatoes. The difference between a regular taco and a super tasty taco depends on the attention given the preparation details. The heat emanating from the hot grill cooks the meat. The cilantro leaves and the lime extract give the taco its distinct flavor. Seasonings depend on the tastes and preferences of different vendors. If you are making a taco at home, try your best to use the same ingredients.


If you go to a Mexican restaurant be at ease and have an adventurous attitude. You might discover that your menu is written in Spanish. Go ahead and order that unknown dish and take your chances. You will not be disappointed by the cuisine.…

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