Choosing The Right Toy Kitchen For Your Kid


Play kitchens continue to be a trend among various kids. In fact, nearly every kid wants to have at least one. Selecting the right toy kitchen is a huge responsibility for caring parents. There are several things a parent ought to consider before purchasing the best toy kitchen. The following are some of them.

Buying a play kitchen

Your child

tgedf7cywe8dj22It is true you know your child better than other people. If your child has begun to walk and removing pans and pots out of the cupboard, it is time you buy a toy kitchen for him or her. You need to check whether the height of your child is huge enough to reach the units you have in mind. At this point, you can decide to wait for your child grow before buying or purchase a small-sized kitchen toy.


There are several types of kitchens available on the market going at different price points. The average kitchen toy goes for about $150. Also, the material of the toy determines the cost. For instance, plastic units are less expensive as compared to those made of wood. Moreover, you will have to pay extra to get furniture quality kitchen toy. You also may buy a multiple appliance play kitchen. This is quite fun but very expensive. If budget is an issue, you can decide to purchase a used kitchen toy. However, it is never cheap. Likewise, you can purchase a portable model. The most important thing is for your kid to buy a kitchen toy notwithstanding the price.


This refers to the durability of the kitchen toy. Ask yourself; how long do you intend to have it? Are you planning to move soon or do you have something you ought to throw out? If you want to keep the toy for many years, then you should take into account durability. In this case, you are encouraged to purchase a wooden kitchen toy.


tgwedrfc6hwed78u22Think of where you are going to place the play kitchen in your home. Is space an issue? Are you going to place it in the center of the room or along the wall? Does it match the decor? Thus, before buying, decide where you are going to place it. Also, check dimensions before buying.

Storage space

After purchasing a play kitchen, you need to buy various kitchen toys. Nowadays, there are many models that have varying amounts of storage space. You can find storage inside ovens, under sinks, and refrigerators.